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Guidelines for Closing your cottage for the winter

With summer weather having disappeared, Canadians should begin to winterize their cottages if they have not already done so. As such, Aaxel Insurance Mississauga has compiled a list...

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Commercial Vehicle Safety during the Winter

Driving commercial vehicle during, especially so in Canada, can be perilous and risk attached. With the conditions of both the road and other drivers unpredictable during these...

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Risk Mitigation at construction sites

As the 2nd wave of Covid -19 is here, Constructions sites have exposures like theft of materials and equipment, damage due to water, fire, nuisance, Bodily injury and or property da...

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Do I need Winter Tires?

Although Ontario motorists are not required to install winter tires, Ontario vehicle insurance have been required to offer discounts for winter tires beginning January 1, 2016.
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All-Season tires VS Winter tires. Are they Same?

Indeed, choosing the proper tire for the right season has an impact on your vehicle's safe operation, but it also has a financial impact. Because they drive an AWD car or a...

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Auto Insurance Myths Vs Facts

Myth 1: My insurance prices are unaffected by the automobile I drive.
Fact: Yes, the type of vehicle you drive has an impact on your auto insurance c...

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Your Questions Answered

Get straight and simple answers to all your business insurance frequently asked questions.

These FAQs were gathered from Canadian business owners like you.

Different types of Business Interruption coverage will determine how payout is calculated. Most policies cover reimbursement for profits your business would have earned based on the prior month’s performance, in addition to extra expenses beyond fixed costs. Employee wages, taxes, and loan payments may also be taken into account.
Business Interruption Insurance is typically included in a commercial property insurance policy or business owner’s policy (BOP). You can add it to an existing policy as a rider.
Standard business interruption insurance provides coverage for damages sustained due to direct physical loss or damage, such as a fire. Unfortunately, it will not cover income lost or barriers to trade and travel due to a pandemic, infectious disease, or government-mandated closure.

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